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The reason why the gap between the domestic and foreign spring industries is so large

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Although the hardware spring industry can be said to be a small industry in the entire manufacturing industry, its role in various major fields cannot be underestimated. The national industrial manufacturing industry and the automotive industry must accelerate development, while the spring industry As one of the basic parts and components, to adapt to the rapid development of the entire national industry requires a super early stage of development. In addition, the expansion of the scale and variety of spring products and the improvement of the quality level are also the needs of the replacement of mechanical equipment and the improvement of the performance of the supporting host. Therefore, spring products play an important role in the national industrial development. With the continuous development of China's automobile, tractor, internal combustion engine, motorcycle, automobile, and electrical appliance industries, the types and numbers of springs continue to increase. Although the market demand is great, the industrial structure of China's hardware spring industry is quite worrying!


1. The gap between the domestic and foreign spring industries

1. The contradiction between production and demand in the buyer's market situation

(1) However, due to the long-term existence of China's production, supply and marketing models, many enterprises cannot adapt to the fierce competition in the market economy. Many companies cannot rely on sales to fix production. Blind mass production leads to a large excess of products, resulting in a product backlog. In developed countries, production plans are formulated based on market demand, with sales volumes of only a month or two.


2. There are gaps in product structure, enterprise organization structure, economic scale, layout, etc.

(1) Compared with industrially developed countries, China's current product structure is unreasonable. Most enterprises produce ordinary parts with low technological content. Only a few large-scale factories with high technological content can produce heterosexual parts, with few varieties and specifications and limited output. As a result, ordinary products are oversupplied, but high-end varieties with high technological content and high added value cannot meet the demand. The organizational structure of the enterprise is loose, the scale of the enterprise is small and scattered, lack of competitiveness, and the regional structure is converging, failing to reflect the advantages and benefits of cooperation.


3. Product quality, performance, technical level and variety gap

(1) Compared with similar products of foreign industrial developed countries, China's spring products are of poor quality, low performance and technical level, and some different parts and high-strength products exceed the production capacity of China's spring enterprises. Many spring products in China do not have internationally renowned brands, which has a great negative impact on the export of spring products.


4. The gap between scientific research and new product development

(1) In terms of scientific research and new product development, the gap between China and developed countries is particularly obvious. Most companies have weak technology development. Many products developed by Chinese spring enterprises have lagged behind foreign countries for more than ten years. Some product development cannot keep up with market demand, resulting in unnecessary investment. Moreover, for some imported products that have already been put into production, we cannot yet understand their production process. In addition, the small number of professional research institutes in the industry and the lack of equipment and funds have prevented many scientific research projects from being completed.


5. Foreign exchange income gap of export products

(1) Since most of the products exported by China are ordinary products with low technological content, low added value and small export value, the foreign exchange income of exported products is far lower than that of developed countries. At present, there are certain gaps in production management, tooling level, product quality and other aspects at home and abroad. Especially in terms of high-tech products, China is far behind developed countries. At present, the main competitors of the Chinese spring industry are Japan and the United States.

Second, the reason why the gap between the domestic and foreign spring industries is so large

1. The unreasonable economic system is the root cause of this gap: in the past, under the planned economic system, government regulation dominated. The long-term production, supply and marketing model restricts the operating vitality and independent development of China's spring industry, and also sets the boundary for the development of China's spring industry. Since China's reform and opening up, the situation has changed, but for a long time, the industry is scattered, disordered, and poor, which has also brought adverse effects on the development of China's spring industry.


2. The backward technology level is the main reason for the gap: With the continuous progress of science and technology and the upgrading of the host, the requirements for products are getting higher and higher. Due to the small number of research centers with certain development capabilities, small scale, low investment in research funds, and weak research and development capabilities of the enterprise itself, the development of new technologies and new products cannot keep up with the world's advanced technology level and market development trends.


3. At present, most of China's spring industry enterprises are still small-scale enterprises. The production scale is small, the production concentration is low, and the market competition is chaotic. This is also a factor that forms the gap. To solve this problem, large enterprises must be created to support and drive the development of the spring industry; related industrial policies must be formulated to encourage the development of high-strength, high-precision, high-value-added spring products, restrict the production of ordinary spring products, and guide the cost The healthy development of industry enterprises promotes the development of the spring industry.


4. The existing domestic production equipment is not complete, especially the serious shortage of testing equipment. Fundamentally speaking, the current demand for spring production affects the further expansion of spring production, further affects the quality of spring products, and also promotes the formation of a gap between China's spring industry and foreign developed countries. China's spring industry should increase investment in production equipment, accelerate the replacement of old equipment to ensure product quality and production needs, and narrow the gap with foreign countries.

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