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Application and advantages of double torsion spring in hair clipper

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I believe that everyone often goes shopping and sees that there are a lot of hairdressers. Among them, the electric hair clipper is an essential thing. Generally, all kinds of hair clippers and electric hair clippers use double torsion springs. Due to the need to cut hair through movement and coordination with the cutter head system, the requirements for electric scissors springs are relatively high, and certain fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance are required. Generally, they are made of imported piano wire, which is heat-treated and ground. , Shot blasting, dehydrogenation, anti-rust oil, etc. a series of processes will have very good corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance

What about the application and advantages of double torsion springs in hair clippers?

1. What are the advantages of adult hair clippers

(1) Due to the requirement of durability, the material of the cutter head is mostly steel, titanium and other materials with good durability.

(2) The size of the head is relatively large, you can understand the demand for the charging function. A larger battery is required, and the blade face is wide;

(3) Since the hair of adults is thicker and harder than that of children, the power required is relatively sufficient;

(4) Long service life, you can charge and haircut at the same time, due to the long use time, so the storage capacity of the battery will be more;

2. What are the advantages of baby hair clippers

1. Security

(1) The baby ’s age is small, and there may be accidental injuries caused by crying when barber shop haircuts, and using a hair clipper at home can avoid this problem to a large extent, because most of the time are parents Haircut for babies, the baby's cooperation will be relatively high, so it will be safer. At the same time, the hair clippers on the market now have the characteristics of protecting the scalp and mute setting, so it will not damage the baby's skin, and it is more convenient to operate and clean the liquid at the same time.


2. Clean and hygienic

(2) The baby's age is young and the body's resistance is poor. The hair clipper in the barber shop is not designed for special use. The cleanliness and hygiene can not be guaranteed, especially some babies with poor physical quality are very vulnerable to viruses or bacteria Infection, and using a hair clipper can avoid this problem.

3. Easy to use

(3) The baby hair clippers currently on the market are very unique in design, meet the needs of the baby ’s age, and can also attract the baby ’s attention. Parents are more convenient when using it, and they can trim different hairstyles for the baby. The baby's hairstyle is more natural.

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